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Quality Log Home Chinking
Attention to detail
Mike Hofrichter: Chinking specialist


Thank you for visiting ICHINK.COM. This website is arranged in sections with text and a gallery of photos. Clicking on underlined text will take you to more information. Clicking on a thumbnail image in the gallery will display the full size photo. I hope that you will find useful information.   

Your Home:

The chinking on a log home is a finishing touch whether it is done during the construction process or years later in order to keep the interior warm and keep the bugs and weather in the outdoors where they belong. Besides conserving energy and protecting the structure from insects and decay damage, chinking the log joints offers the opportunity control the look of your home in a number of ways. Whether you want to brighten the interior with a light color, outline the logs in a contrasting color, or simply seal the walls with a color that blends in, there are a variety of different colors available to achieve the look that you want. Modern latex chinking is very long lasting and low maintenance. When applied properly it can pay off many times over in the comfort, preservation, and resale value of your home.


My work:

I have been chinking log homes in Washington, Oregon and northern California since 1993. In that time I've chinked over 250 homes in traditional chink style; milled and handcrafted "chinkless" style; and half log or plank siding. I can often refer those interested in seeing my work to a log home in their area where they can get ideas on chinking colors, style and details.


Photos to show chinking details and colors on all types of log construction.

Log Home Links:

Use this page to locate log home builders and manufacturers; and information on energy efficiency and log home maintenance.  

Contact the Chinking Guy:

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have in regard to log home chinking. Whether you intend to do the work yourself or to hire a professional, I will be happy to help you get the job done right. I have ten years of experience chinking log homes, including occasionally rechinking over jobs that were improperly done. It is best to take the forethought to be sure that the chinking is applied properly the first time

Thanks to Perma Chink Systems for the photo.