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My Work:

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I enjoy working with homeowners who are very involved in the design, construction, finishing and decorating of their homes. A log home is rarely just another house. Homeowners appreciate the fact that I pay special attention to the appearance and details of my work. The most common comment I hear is: "now it looks finished".


I use the term “chinking specialist” because chinking log homes really is my specialty. I started chinking log homes in 1993 while working for George Hastings of Northwest Chinking and Waterproofing. I continued working with George until 1995 when I decided to get my contractors license and go out on my own. I have now applied literally thousands of gallons of chinking material, working on everything from a rustic cabin built in the 1800’s to expansive, multi-million dollar homes. I give the same attention to detail to every project. My intent is to give you the best job at the best price. Experience has shown me that inferior work rarely comes at a lesser price. I welcome and encourage prospective customers to seek competitive bids.

You can find examples of my work in the gallery section of this website. If you would like to see photos of a particular type of construction or color of chinking let me know. I have an extensive collection of photos of chinking colors and details.


I will happily provide you with a list of jobs, along with contact information, that I’ve completed over the past  three years. Hopefully, one of these jobs is somewhere near you so you can take a look at my work firsthand. I am proud to say that I am able to list all my jobs as good references.

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